Friday, January 3, 2014

Gonna Have a Snow Day

I'm thinking about...the fun it was last night waiting with people on Facebook for Medford School District to FINALLY tell us we were having a snow day today. Of course, the kids had already predicted it yesterday and worked on it last night by turning their pjs inside out, a piece of ice in the toilet (I admit, I did that as well since I had never heard of that before) and a spoon under the pillow. It worked!

It wasn't too hard to get the snow off the car this morning, driving was okay (but still scary) later in the afternoon when I went to get my hair trimmed, washed and blow dry. Then to Five Below to get a USB (an??) cord for my tablet since I left one in school, CVS, and then to my parents. There Sunny and I had a romp in the snow in the backyard.

After that it was telephone terror. I was trying to figure out health care for my brother and on the phone for more than two hours!! I can't complain as Mom has been on the phone for DAYS trying to figure out this whole government health care plan.We both decided to try again on Monday and after that, whatever happens happens. Even the people I was speaking to were clueless about what was happening. Oh, they apologized, but I just can't imagine running a company like this is being run. I can see both side of government health care, but unfortunately today I am seeing the bad side.

I'm thinking I need a tomorrow...I'm having one.

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