Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Just Thinking About....

I'm such a follower. Today I am following Kelly Hines who just happened to be the person I was Secret Elfter to this past holiday season and know from Discovery Education, and Meg Griffith, whom I also know from Discovery and is an inspiration to me each day as a teacher and person (reverse that order). Kelly has challenged herself (and us) to write a blog for 20, I'm going to take the challenge.

Thinking About Today...I'm concerned about my dad and what this year is going to hold. He is suffering from Degenerating Disease (AKA demensia)and each day it seems a bit worse. My mom is under so much stress, that I know I need to make some major decisions. so...

I am thinking that maybe someone else should be president of our association next year so I can spend more time with my dad and mom.

I am thinking about doing the 365 photo challenge this year...well, not just thinking about it but doing it.

I am thinking that there is no way I can learn all the things the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has, but I'll learn a little more each day.

I am thinking about how the heck I will be getting the photos from my galaxy to my iMac. I need my pictures!!!!

I like the title of this blog...I think.

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