Sunday, January 12, 2014

Just Thinking About...Thinking

I just read a report that says if you drink caffeine, your memory will be better. I sure hope so because I feel like I have more to remember than ever. Proven today when I had to remember the score of my tennis match (yipee...won 6-2, 6-1...thanks to my partner, Cathy) and then had to remember where the heck my car key was. It fell off my keychain, and had to be in my pocketbook since I hadn't taken it out. Couldn't find it. Looked all over. Couldn't find it. Now logic says either it was in the car or my pocketbook so I started in on the car. Sure enough, it had fallen between the seat and consul. Whew. Also glad I remembered to leave another key at my parents' house...just in case.

Then I had to remember to bake for tomorrow's surprise "thank you treat" for the bus drivers in our district. We have a facebook pay it forward event going on. I will be interested to see how many people remember to thank the drivers after what happened with the icy conditions on Friday. I baked brownies, apple muffins, and brownie cupcakes, which I kind of DIDN'T remember to take out in time.

This week I have to remember four rehearsals, two meetings, and, of course, teaching. Should be a fun week.

I think.

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