Sunday, January 5, 2014

January 5, 2014

Just thinking about how COLD it is and going to become in the next few days. I had four layers on today before I played tennis so I was comfortable, but on Tuesday the temperature is supposed to go well below zero. Tomorrow we are finally going back to school for the entire week. There is so much to do and catch up on, but still, want to take it a tad slowly as kids and staff are getting back in the swing of the New Year.

People who LOVE this weather are plumbers. Lots of frozen pipes in the area, so the advice is to keep water running so they don't freeze. With my past experience of pipes bursting outside, I am heeding that advice.

Played tennis today. I played pretty well and so did my partner, but we still lost and so did everyone else on the team. Oh, well. We lost to the first place team, so I don't feel too bad...well, yes, I do, but we get another shot at them later.

Off to put up the 365 photo. Same as the one here.

Just thinking that tomorrow is going to be a tough day...teaching, drama rehearsal, MEA meeting and BOE meeting. Already tired.

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