Thursday, January 9, 2014

Just thinking about...gratitude

This month, my third-graders are involved with a great deal of writing projects:
writing valentines for each staff member in the school
writing a valentine for another school
monthly pen pal letters

BUT the most important writing they are doing is every morning in their journals. This month we are writing gratitude journals. Each day they need to come up with things they are grateful for, usually from the night before, and they have to write WHY they are grateful, thereby learning about cause and effect. This to me is so great. In morning greetings, each person says to the other, "What are three things you are grateful for today?" and they respond. Some always say family, friends and heat, and that's okay because at least they are thinking about things, but others are really thinking.

For example today B said, "I am grateful for jokes because I love to hear people laugh." It's that type of writing and insight that makes the day start off just right.

Just thinking about that makes me grateful.

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