Friday, January 10, 2014

Just Thinking About...Safety

It looked just like this...rain, or what people that was rain, falling, and turning to ice on impact on the road. Today was quite a day. I, myself, made it to work in twenty minutes from Haddonfield to Medford, arriving around 7:20am, but shortly after, everything was iced over. Buses already on the road with students, were slipping and sliding, and then finally making the proper decision to pull over and wait. Accident abounded with people trying to stop and yet, not being able to. We were so lucky that none of our staff was hurt, although three association members were.

I am so proud of our transportation department. They worked hard to keep our students safe. This is why we don't let strangers drive our students to school. Our custodians worked hard to make sure our parking lots were safe. The teachers, secretaries, and assistants were working hard answering telephones and covering classes so our members could arrive safely.

Yes, there were complaints that school was open. It was a hard call, but it was what it was. Everyone in Medford Township should be proud of their public schools and the people who work there. And thank them.

Just think about it.

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