Monday, January 6, 2014

How Many Conversations....

Today I was JUST THINKING ABOUT how many different conversations on how many different topics I had. From making sure the custodian in the building was okay with everything this morning, to teaching about national parks (did you know how much a round trip ticket is from Philadelphia to Anchorage, AK?), to doing break apart multiplication, editing skills, pen pal writing skills, trying to enable Skype, yes, it WILL be cold tomorrow, don't wear shorts...learning about which planets are gas and which are to say a line from the script in "Annie" to make our association better...asking questions at the local board of education meeting...making the daily phone calls to parents and close friends (thank you,God, for the good news about no cancer!) to finally coming home. And this isn't all...but enough for today.

Best two conversations of the day were 1) finding out a friend is cancer free and 2)listening to the things my third-grade students are grateful for...and knowing that we are going to start every day this January with sharing these things.

I am grateful for all of the above, that I have the ability to do all these things. I am also grateful to the people who choose to give up their time with families to serve on local Board of Educations. Three of these people were sworn in today:

So what am I JUST THINKING ABOUT now???? Silence...pure silence.

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