Saturday, January 4, 2014

Just Thinking About...FOOTBALL

Today in the Philadelphia area, all attention is on the Eagles vs the Saints football game. The Eagles, to everyone's surprise, made it into the wildcard round of the NFL playoffs. The game is on now and the Eagles are ahead in the first half 7-6, although the most people predicted a high scoring game.

The other big news is the weather. It is bitterly cold here in NJ, although it's cold ALL over the US. I find it not too bad, but I'm blessed to have a heated car, a home, and warm clothing. Still, record breaking temperatures are expected for the rest of the week.

I was also thinking today how difficult and overwhelming it must be for my mom...I had to bring her iphone in to get fixed and bought new cordless phones for their house. Just those two things are items she never had to deal with until the really just a few years ago. No one had cordless phones, especially those that had to be connected to a modem..and even know what a modem is...and an iphone...just the amount of change people her age have had to endure in the past ten years must be sending their brains reeling. My dad, on the other hand, ignored everything tech which wasn't a good thing either. Perhaps if he had learned some of these things, his brain would not be turning off now.

Just thinking about all of this..makes me tired.

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